All Products Designed & Shipped From Ireland.


Our Supply Chain

Supply chains can be tricky, we know, because Shoresyde has over 20 years of
experience working with them by sustainability. But still, finding the right manufacturing partners that support our vision is paramount. We’ve spent countless hours doing our diligent homework to ensure you can use our products with full confidence.

Aim to Sustainablity

We aim to manufacture our products with sustainability, as close to home as possible, and “Made in Europe” manufacturers will always remain a top priority for us. Today, many of our products are proudly produced in Europe, with each facility being fully certified and offer industry standard certifications like Oeko Tex and Amfori.

Along with independent factory audits and fabric certifications, we’re able to bring products to the marketplace, which pass our high standards. We do all that so that you can enjoy Shoresyde towels, ponchos, and blankets knowing that we did our best to ensure they’re made with our planet in mind.
Oh, and we didn’t stop there.

Worker rights along with fair pay and other policies play an increasingly important part in our selection criteria of partners. We’ll never,under any circumstances, work with manufacturers that don’t adhere to fair policies
for their workers. That’s a promise we intend to keep.

shoresyde sustainability
recycled textiles

We Care

Sustainability is weaved into our brand DNA, and remains the core pillar of our
existence. From recycled and recyclable materials found in our products to
biodegradable packaging and carbon neutral shipping where possible, we aim to minimise our ecological footprint as much as we possibly can.

For our recycled polyester we use brands like Seaqual Ocean Waste and Repreve. Using these brands gives us certainty around the certification of the recycled polyester. When it comes to our recycled cotton textiles, we turn to Recover and organic cotton certified by GOTS. We think of packaging and shipping too.

Here again, we strive to use recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials where possible. Finally, our polybags and mailing bags come from No Issue and Waste Based Co.

It’s our fundamental belief that being transparent with you is crucial when building a long-term relationship, so we never shy away from sharing with you where we stand today and what we still hope to accomplish tomorrow. Join us, on our journey to do better.