All Products Designed & Shipped From Ireland.

About Us

Born In Ireland

The Shoresyde Story

Born in Ireland, where nature’s undeniable presence guides our philosophy,
Shoresyde is founded on the simple belief that towels, surf ponchos, and blankets
should be a well-balanced blend of great design and high-quality sustainable fabric.
We’re a team of creative innovators who believe great products should not take a
toll on our planet, and nobody should have to choose between feeling good or doing
good. It just so happens, we’ve been in the innovative textile game for some time
now, and it’s through our work with our sister B2B company 3SIXTY that we got
inspired to develop a brand for those adventure seekers, waterholics, and fun lovers
that expect thoughtful performance from their products.
We might be based on a small island, but we’re here to make a memorable punch.

shoresyde ireland

The Shoresyde Way

We Think Differently

Our team is passionate about two things – creating more eco friendly products and having fun along the way.

We weave this passion into every single product that we offer. Focusing on great design, textile innovation, and finding meaningful collaborations with individuals who share our common love for the great outdoors, we’re on a mission to introduce products that fit our lifestyle ethos.

From summer fun in the sun to life affirming subzero winter dips, and everything in between, our Shoresyde line of products will be your trusted companion all while doing right by our planet.

We call this adventure the Shoresyde way.

shoresyde ireland